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Published: 1581 days ago

Today’s News: PEOPLE POWER

We’re ALL volunteers and we’re all working hard at the moment, and it’s bleedin’ deadly fun. So let’s give it up for the Granby Park massive and meet some of the team…


IMG_1818 LOW

Simon has come all the way from Wales to launch and co-ordinate Trade School Dublin (exactly what he’s doing in this pic).


IMG_1665 LOW

Magical Miky, our gardening co-ordinator, is somehow making green trees appear where there was once rubble and grey.


IMG_1628 LOW

Technician Barry gets down and dirty with the help of some brilliant volunteers.


IMG_1561 LOW

Ampitheatre volunteer Kiru belies his hippie tendencies by getting stuck in to some hardcore admin.


IMG_1630 LOW

Ayelet seems to be attempting to talk to a cement mixer. Someone give her a day off, or a coffee, or something, quick.


IMG_1582 LOW

Artistic organiser Annie and her right hand man Vinnie have a bite to eat in between jobs. Seen here through a piece of art which will displayed in the park (you’ll have to come down to see what it is).


IMG_1493 LOW

Really…?! You mean we…?! No way…?! Meetings have been getting more and more intense over the last few days, as the facial expressions of intern Naomi, project co-ordinator Liam, artistic organiser Annie and procurement officer Richard demonstrate here.


IMG_1584 LOW

How happy and lovely do Claire Louise and Miky look?! Feel the love by volunteering at Granby Park this week!


IMG_1813 LOW

Magdalena and Jean, Dublin Trade School volunteers, attentive and amazing as usual.


IMG_1710 LOW

The road to Granby Park is long and winding and filled with amazing folks.


UpStart_Core Meeting 17.6.13 Photos MID RES (12)

Site man Sam gets serious.


UpStart_Core Meeting 17.6.13 Photos (6)

Plans and idea are turning into sweat and mud every day.


IMG_1812 LOW

The Café crew, seen here making notes, are soon to be making yummy food.


IMG_1570 LOW

The amazing Kate, one of the Granby Park community engagement volunteers.



IMG_1545 LOW

Site man and general Granby Park super-hero Sam may be up to his neck this week but at least he’s still managing to put stickers on his face (yes, that’s the park coming together in the background).


IMG_1816 LOW

The Trade School posse will facilitate brilliant workshops like knitting, photography, capoeira, MC-ing, song writing and much more. Book to teach/attend here (no experience necessary):


IMG_1509 LOW

More meetings! And then more meetings!! The themes of which range from stressful, to scary, to intense, manic, funny, productive, busy, constructive, positive, giddy, abstract, biscuit-fueled…


We really need more volunteers on the ground this week in preparation for opening on Thursday, so if you have a spare hour or two please get in touch!

Thank you all SO much!

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