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Published: 1582 days ago

Today’s News: Parks, Plants and Pubs



We’re all extremely happy (and pretty hung over) at UpStart HQ today.

It’s the end of a busy, exciting, amazing, wet, dry, cloudy, sunny, muddy, palette-filled, flower-powered, pub-quizzed week for Granby Park.

First of all, a huge, warm and fuzzy thanks to all the lovely peeps who came to our pub quiz last night, and to Generator Hostel for being great hosts.

We raised 800.30 Euro! Incredible!! Every penny counts as this is a mammoth project and there is so much that we want to do, but we will make it happen thanks to your generosity.

The highlight of the night was surely the tie-break arm-wrestling match between Joe and JJ to determine which team came second. It was tooooooo funny and quite primal. JJ just pipped Joe to the post, so a re-match in Granby Park has been suggested…watch this space.

IMG_1779 LOW

Great news on the natural-vibes front. The park got its first delivery of plants, young trees and flowers this week, all the blood, sweat and resourcefulness of our fantastic gardening team is really paying off. Horticulture is go.


It makes such a big difference, the first sights of green leaves and colourful petals.

Flowers arrive in Granby Park

This week we’ve been chatting with some local groups in the area such as the wonderful guys at Bradog (involved in our theatre project) and the terrific folks down the road at Outhouse. We’ve talked to the local traders on Moore Street about using some of their produce in the park and we also worked with a group of local kids to plant flowers in a bunch of shoes, and then paint them, for display in the park. They look gorgeous.


Shoe planting with local kids

Artists began the installation and construction of their beautiful work, numerous innovative and original pieces which are being made especially for Granby Park. The energy in the production tent is super constructive and positive.

Other than that, we’ve a busy weekend ahead with the theatre build starting (being built by young people from Belfast and Dublin) and the polytunnels going up (they already look pretty stunning and it’s early days).

We always welcome more help, volunteers and donations of good/services so please get in touch if you feel you would like to get involved.

Please remember, we are all volunteers and this is a not-for-profit project! The park will be a logo/advertising-free zone and we are doing it without any major corporate sponsorship. We must be bonkers. But that’s half the fun.

Let’s make it happen together! Email and get stuck in.


Sure, yiz are only massive.


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