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Published: 2287 days ago

The TerminARTors

Today I am going to talk a little about Art and Innovation.

I’ve often surfed my way through the waves of art on the internet and recently I was swept under by a mighty swell. I found a website which I thought I should share with my fellow art lovers.
It is called the TerminARTors website (pretty cool name, I know!) and what it does is nothing short of amazing.
For people who don’t know the terminARTors website, it is a must-see source of enlightenment when it comes to paintings and arts in general. In fact, it’s the world’s largest artist, artwork and museum database.

It is the most professional online database for artists and art that I have ever encountered.

Every artist is there (well not every artist yet but certainly a lot of them!) living, dead, famous, unknown, professional or amateur, from all countries and all backgrounds. Anyone can upload their work.
It is also very well designed and extremely well categorised.
The “Artworks” section allows you to do research by artist, by movement, by theme, by technique, by tag name and even by colour.
You can also browse feature stats and location stats.
On the “Artists” section, you can look for artists’ names, nationalities, or the movement they belong to. There’s also a tab with the artist’s most uploaded artworks.
The site also features a “Community” tab and artwork “Games” tab which I think is great.
I feel this database will be the next Wikipedia for Art: the free-est, coolest web-based, collaborative, multilingual project supporting the artistic community.
Check out the TerminARTors:

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