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Published: 2345 days ago

The Taboo Word? L.A. Speedwing explores eBooks

Being curious about the self-publishing world, I decided to investigate the very obscure world of the eBooks Industry.
The reviews are so mixed and the information on the web so overwhelming, the approach to the medium is still very confusing for most wannabe writers.

Yet the temptation to get yourself published this way is very real. Here is a chance for a writer to avoid all the fuss of going through the research, the submissions guidelines, the genre criteria, the cover letter, the synopsis, did I miss anything? 

It would be nearly sadistic to want to go through all that pain when you could skip it all.

So I was thinking: is there a catch? And where is it? Can any writer do it? Should they do it?
Better read about it first.
Well as it turned out, there is a few things a writer should know about this medium.
Here are some straight figures on the eBook market based on two years ago.

Where are eBooks selling today?
US – 67%
UK 7%
Europe – 7%
Australia- 6%
Canada – 4%
Others – 9%

And what is being read on e-books?
Fiction – 65.2%
Business – 8.2%
Computers -2.6%
Family and relationships- 2.4%
Body, mind and spirit – 1.6%
History – 1.6%
Children and young adult fiction – 1.5%
Religion – 1.4%
Language arts and disciplines – 1.2 %
Health and fitness -1.2%
Others – 13.1 %

So let’s say you were an Irish author trying to sell your soul and body to that market, you will only reach 1.6% of  7% of a potential audience through that medium.
Not much. So all the talk we hear about how easy it is to make a buck or two with eBooks might be true if you write fiction. But you should also keep in mind that your reading audience will be mainly American. And write accordingly!
For the rest of the writers, it is still going to be tough.

People who are currently buying eBooks are mostly

travellers : 8%,

teachers and researchers : 31% 

business and professional: 21%.

Now I hope any potential writers will be thinking twice before engaging with the obscure dark forces of the Ebook industry.

Figures from the Writers and Artists Yearbook 2009.

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