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Published: 2284 days ago

The Shock of a Long Shot…

In the course of my random writing discussions with fellow writers, someone told me about a new and audacious online magazine.

Longshot is a magazine that is produced from start to finish in the space of 48 hours. 48 hours? Yes, you read right!

Their first issue was announced on Friday July 29 2011 at noon, Pacific Time. For the next 24 hours, they accepted submissions based on that theme. Then they used the next 24 hours to edit and design the issue, based entirely on the submissions they received over the previous day. At noon on Sunday the 31st, they uploaded the finished product to MagCloud, where anybody could buy it. And still can.

Over a 48 hour period from noon July 29, 2011, through noon July 31, 2011, thousands of writers, editors, artists, photographers, programmers, videographers, and other creative people from all around the world came together via the Internet to make the magazine. The theme was debt.

As you can imagine, this cool initiative needed a lot of help from a  lot of people.  Information designers, editors, proof readers, fact checkers joined up to work towards this speedy Long Shot.

Sadly the first issue is over and they only do this twice a year. But another Long Shot will be on its way soon, and they’ll want submissions from you, ranging from 140 characters to 4,000 words.

So be ready. Join their website and prepare your strongly-reported narratives, design fictions, interviews, data visualizations, cartoons, family portraits, how-to guides, maps, obscure histories, recipes, war reporting, photo-essays, blueprints, ships’ logs, scientific papers, charticles, wood cuts, curio boxes, product reviews, and box scores.

They want you to make it. And what’s more they don’t want exclusive rights, so you’ll be free to share your work again.

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