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Published: 2467 days ago

Poster-watch: Sheila Rennick

A graduate of both NCAD and the illustrious Central Saint Martin’s in London, Sheila Rennick is one of the most exciting young artists to emerge from the Dublin art scene in recent years. She has exhibited widely across the country – from the Galway Arts Centre to the Royal Hibernian Academy – and now, as one of the contributing artists to UpStart, on the streets of Dublin.

Rennick’s distinctive paintings are bold and bright, the product of thick layers of built up oils. She presents a distorted, heightened and almost hallucinogenic vision of the modern world, ingesting and regurgitating phenomena from social networking to youth slang, with warped animal-human hybrids popping up from time to time somewhere in between.

Photography by John Waldon

“I was drawn to UpStart as it’s a means of giving people an imaginitive outlet to the election campaign,” Sheila says of her involvement with the project. “It’s a kind of attempt at connecting the images and words of artists with the minds and eyes of the general public, rather than the usual face of a politican stuffed into a suit with one eye looking over your shoulder… I like how this project physically imposes on the campaign, but completly legitimately. Public art must find a suitable voice and a space to be effective, it’s far more complex than using walls in a gallery. The art and the environment must connect; upstart clearly encompasses this.”

You can currently see Sheila Rennick’s work at Visual in Carlow, where she is participating in a group show titled ‘The Fold’. She will also have a solo exhibition of new paintings and drawings at Hillsboro Fine Art in July.

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