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Published: 2336 days ago

Poem of the Week: Liam Duffy, Holiday


The din of computer fans
the crush of waterfalls

milk, cracked from coco-nuts
cold tea, dribbled down chin

the warmth of freshly printed paper
the heat of sun-baked sand

flip-flops lost at sea
work-shoes and blisters

the soft sound of fresh fruit, cut
the clattering of canteen crockery, scraped

shake ‘n’ vac
sex and sun-cream

Liam Duffy grew up and studied in Galway where he is now compiling an Artistic Atlas of Galway and working towards his first collection of poetry. He has recently been published in The Irish Left Review, and the anthology Emergency verse – poetry in defence of the welfare state and has also read at the West Cork Literary Festival in Ireland as part of a reading dubbed: Irish Poets: A New Generation.

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