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Published: 2375 days ago

Poem of the Day: Priya Keefe, Index of Questions and Answers

Index of Questions and Answers

1. Animals have complex dreams. pg 1
2. Before there were nine Muses, there were three. pg 1
3. Brigit was an ancient Celtic goddess of poetry, healing, and divination. pg 1
4. Emergency exit: keep pushing, door will open. pg 1
5. Inspire: enspirer, inspirer (Old French): to blow or breathe into. pg 1
6. Portent: portentum (Classical Latin): portent, sign, omen, prodigy, monster, marvelous tale. pg 1
7. The collective unconscious does not develop individually but is inherited. pg 1
8. The Muses were nine Greek goddesses who brought inspiration to artists, poets, musicians, and scientists. pg 1
9. The tenth Muse is Ktinos-Anthropos. He can sometimes be found in the woods. pg 1

1. How do we live with ambiguities? pg 1
2. How many poverties make a gift? pg 1
3. What do economic friction and imbalance in the four humours have in common? pg 1
4. When is not choosing like choosing? pg 1
5. When is poetry like shapeshifting? pg 1
6. Where does because become you always never? pg 1
7. Who lives in a mossy tree house with no ladder? pg 1
8. Why does the line of ink appear on the page as the pen moves? pg 1
9. Why does wind sound like a voice? pg 1

Priya Keefe lives in Seattle, Washington, in the States. As much as she loves her city, she keeps trying to leave and see the world. She was a semi-finalist in the 2011 Summer Literary Seminars Contest. In 2006, she traveled for three weeks in Ireland and felt she’d found a home-away-from-home.

She has had work on a Dublin lamppost, Seattle buses, in paper, and on the internet (see her website).

The piece Upstart published along the Arran Quay is an excerpt from her unpublished book, a poetry novella. Each section of the book begins with a “map poem” and ends with an “index poem.” Some of the questions of the book are: Does language communicate? What is the relationship between connection and isolation? How do we empathize across time and place without drowning in grief? How much do we shape our lives and how much do they shape us?

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