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Published: 2469 days ago

Introducing Rosa Abbott – Upstart on the Streets!

Hi my name’s Rosa Abbott and I’ll be taking to the streets to find out what people are saying about Upstart. The Upstart project has already generated a lot of attention within the art industry and from the press, but seen as this is a project about engaging with the public, we also feel it’s important to find out what response the project is getting from a grass-roots level. I’ll also be looking at public art in general, the role it plays and the ways in which it can affect society.

Having seen the posters around town, looked the Upstart project up and found that I agreed with it’s aims, I’ve decided to get involved!  So I suppose I am one member of the general public who has been affected by the posters – I’m now interested in finding out who else has been inspired by the project, and how!

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