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Published: 2245 days ago

DWF is looking for YOU!

DWF is coming to town and is looking for you.

What does DWF stand for?
DWF doesn’t stand for Dream Wrestling Forum although the idea would be similar but stands for Dublin Writing Forum.
DWF is an open group, organised by Anne Tannam and Liz McSkeane and they both welcome writers of all genres, of all ages, experienced writers or writers just starting out.
How did DWF start? The idea blossomed and grew out of the necessity to provide a creative space where people with a passion for writing could come together and support each other in making their work as good as it can be. So if you want to improve on your writing as much as improve on the very delicate art of critiquing then, join the DWF.
Their meeting is held every Thursday night in the Twisted Pepper Cafe, 54,
Lower Abbey Street, Dublin 1, at 7.30 pm, usually upstairs in The Loft
So come along. Bring your passion, copies of your work (for others to read) and share your writing and critical skills with everyone.
The DWF operates on a drop-in basis.

They also have a Facebook page that you can visit and like!

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