UpStart is a non-profit voluntary arts collective.


Judy O Broin: Upstart News Diary
Judy is the Upstart diarist. She is profiling the day-to-day progress of  volunteers, artists and supporters as they climb ladders, hang posters, field calls, attend meetings and do all that is entailed to promote the importance of creativity in Ireland. Sign up here for all the latest in Upstart news!

Catherine Lennon: Arts & Innovation
Catherine is interested in the challenges faced by people working in the arts sector. This blog will look at the various ways by which artists and art organisations make ends meet. In particular, she’ll be looking at the need for innovation and collaboration. If you are an artist, or a supporter of the arts, have your say on this blog.

Anne Parsons: Arts & Education
Anne is currently undertaking an internship with ‘Fighting Words’. She believes in the importance of creativity within the educational system and her blog will look at the role of art in education. Expect insightful interviews with teachers, facilitators and community artists.

Zita Spring: 
Zita Spring is a wool shop owner and a writer. Her areas of expertise include hatching plans, climbing trees, and contemplating the universe. Zita travels extensively in order to be able to say with certainty that Dublin is her favourite place in the world.

Rosa Abbott: On The Street
Rosa is our ‘blogger on the street’. She’ll be talking about public art and profiling the public reaction to Upstart posters. If you love (or hate) a particular Upstart poster, drop in and tell Rosa why!

Annee Gill: Performing Arts
Annee is interested in theatre, television and the performing arts. Among other things, she’ll be blogging about the impact Upstart has made in those circles. Stop off here for the latest in showbiz circles.

LA Speedwing: Writing & Literature
Laura will be talking to writers about their work, publicity and creative process.  If publishing and literature is your area of interest, you’ll find plenty in this section to stir the imagination.