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Published: 2199 days ago

Better Together Giving challenge, and the future

We’re delighted to announce that Upstart won the Better Together Giving Challenge, receiving an amazing total of 1,051 unique donations. We’d like to thank all our supporters, who tirelessly petitioned friends and family to donate, who persisted when the online donation form refused to play with their web browsers, who shared and re-posted and texted and tweeted us to victory. We were flabbergasted, and very touched and very humbled. Here’s Sam, Aaron, Peter and Ricky having their gasts flabbered at the award ceremony:

Sam recovered his composure sufficiently to share some Upstart secrets under the benignly beaming gaze of Mary Kennedy:

Photos by Robbie Fry.

Now we’re 10 grand (and some more) to the good, we’re working hard on re-imagining a Dublin city centre plot as a Pop-up Park. We want to create a sustainable green space where creativity and community can thrive, where people can share inspirations, innovations, and good times. We’ve already received lots of offers of help and expertise and are delighted that so many people have been inspired to offer their advice and skills. We think there are more of you out there — in fact, we know there are — if you can help, do get in touch at We’ll be using this blog to keep you updated on our progress, so please add us to your feeds, and share the blog with your friends. Once again, thanks to you all!

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