UpStart is a non-profit voluntary arts collective.

Published: 2462 days ago

“All art is political”: a curatorial perspective from Anne Lynott

Where did you first hear about UpStart, and what was your initial response? I first heard about UpStart on the social networking site, and my initial response was extremely positive and hopeful. Who do you think the campaign is having a bigger effect on: …

Published: 2463 days ago

Moving forward with Garrett Pitcher of Indigo and Cloth

It’s times like this that Ireland needs creative thinkers – and creative thinkers with an entrepreneurial streak at that, who are able to transform their ideas into something tangible that will help generate some life back into our economy. Perhaps a perfect poster boy for this …

Published: 2464 days ago

Poster-watch: Sarah Quigley

For the next installment of the poster-watch series, I spoke to Sarah Quigley – a writer, visual artist and graphic designer based in Dublin. As well as creating fantastic pieces of art and literature, Sarah is a co-founder of the collective Milk and Cookies Stories, …

Published: 2464 days ago

Aaron Copeland talks UpStart and public art

I caught up with UpStart founding member Aaron Copeland to discuss the when-where-whys of UpStart, the importance of public art and the role of the artist in society…. Thanks to Electric Bikes on Great Strand Street for use of their fantastic space! httpv://

Published: 2465 days ago

Poster-watch: an interview with Yvonne O’Reilly

Yvonne O’Reilly is an esteemed visual artist and a contributor to UpStart. Her submission, ‘Portrait of the Artist in Chemo Land’, was selected, went on display, and subsequently disappeared. Though we cannot be sure who removed the poster of her work (and why), it’s …

Published: 2466 days ago

To name or not to name: the anonymity debate for UpStart

Casually browsing Facebook this afternoon, I noticed a debate kicking off regarding the anonymity of UpStart posters. A writer had posted up a photograph of an UpStart poster with her poem printed on, and one friend of the writer commented on the post venting …

Published: 2467 days ago

Poster-watch: Sheila Rennick

A graduate of both NCAD and the illustrious Central Saint Martin’s in London, Sheila Rennick is one of the most exciting young artists to emerge from the Dublin art scene in recent years. She has exhibited widely across the country – from the Galway …

Published: 2469 days ago

Introducing Rosa Abbott – Upstart on the Streets!

Hi my name’s Rosa Abbott and I’ll be taking to the streets to find out what people are saying about Upstart. The Upstart project has already generated a lot of attention within the art industry and from the press, but seen as this is …